Engage with your Residents and Tenants

News Network

The Digital Communication Network provides constant and live information, continuously scrolling headlines of the day’s top news stories, sports updates, weather, stock market info and local news from influencers & bloggers in the city. With each property's name branded on the elevator screens.

Communication Platform

With a click of a button, you will be able to reach your tenants, residents and their guests – allowing instant updates of building notices and information.

Complimentary Service

Visio Media takes care of the installation costs, software and equipment. Including coordinating with your elevator company for the installation. There are no initial setup fees or maintenance fees.

Revenue Sharing

Your property will receive a supplemental revenue stream derived from advertising revenues.

Our goal at Visio Media has always been to bring value to our property partners. Since our inception, we have followed a disciplined approach to increasing property communication together with our partners.


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  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Internet
  • Elevator Technician’s Time
  • Complimentary Service
    • Electricity (Utility Bill)

Communicate and Entertain

With your news feed area, you are able to login to the Visio Media website to add, edit or delete news feed posts that are displayed on the screens.

Keep your tenants and residents informed about building news and local events happening in their neighborhood.


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