Ad Targeting by Age

With Elev8 you can target your ads to four different ages groups: Children (0-13), Young Adults (14-35), Adults (36-65), and Seniors (65+). Elev8 is the only elevator advertising system in the world that dynamically displays the right ad to the right age group.

Our client RDental, a dental clinic, wanted to take advantage of this feature by changing their ad messaging to target different age groups. Below you’ll find a few examples of different ads that they used for different age groups.

Targeting Adults with Families

This ad was designed to target adults with young families. It would be displayed only when the combination of adults and children were detected in the elevator.

Targeting Young Adults and Children

This ad was designed to highlight a brand new flavour of tooth polish. RDental wanted to showcase the new flavour to children and young adults, specifically in areas near schools, universities, and post-secondary institutions.

Targeting Seniors

One of RDental’s most common procedures is providing fillings in individuals over 65.  They displayed this ad whenever seniors were detected.

Targeted Advertising Works!

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