We are a team of marketers, thinkers, explorers, developers and elevator riders that are serious about bringing the power of online advertising into the physical world.

Above all, we love what we do and who we do it with.

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Working at Visio Media is fast paced, fun and never boring. We are innovative and rapidly growing in the digital advertising space, meaning your career can grow with us prettaay darn quick!   

Around the nation we employ talented, driven people who want to make a positive and meaningful impact. 


We are an awesome blend of developers, thinkers and strategists. 

  • Bruce Johnson
    Bruce Johnson Executive Chairman
  • Fouad El-Masri
    Fouad El-Masri Chief Executive Officer
  • Nicolette Leonardis
    Nicolette Leonardis VICE PRESIDENT + CO-FOUNDER
  • Ashlyn Bernier
    Ashlyn Bernier Finance and Operations
  • Brady Cassidy
    Brady Cassidy Director of Growth
  • Jed Barlow
    Jed Barlow Lead Software Developer
  • Kimberly Wu
    Kimberly Wu Software Developer
  • Brad Eves
    Brad Eves Senior Account Manager
  • Matt Fitzgerald
    Matt Fitzgerald Senior Account Manager
  • Christina Williams
    Christina Williams Director of Client Services
  • Jeff Park
    Jeff Park Senior Account Manager
  • Allison Johnson
    Allison Johnson Office and Community Manager
  • Brook Bell
    Brook Bell Growth Marketing Representative

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