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Don’t count the people you reach; reach the people that count.

What does this mean?

Remember the last time you went to the store because you wanted strawberries? What if the store was out of strawberries and the only way to get strawberries was to buy a fruit salad. The problem is, you have no interest in the other fruits in the fruit salad, and you came for strawberries. Now you have all this fruit that you’ve paid for that you won’t even enjoy eating…

Now imagine you are buying media and are trying to reach a specific audience; this is an audience you have pre-qualified, these people can buy your product and service regardless of the economic climate… could be based on location or demographic location.

What happens if the only way to reach that audience is by investing in a medium that also reaches an audience that Cannot buy your product or service? You are spending money that has zero chance of making a return – of course we recognize that every medium will have some degree of dollars wasted, we are talking about minimizing that waste. For some businesses, like McDonalds, virtually every walk of life is a potential customer.

Next time you are buying advertising think about all of those wasted dollars spent on people that will never buy your product or use your service.


You can tell 1000 people what you are selling to get 10 customers or you can tell 100 customers to get 20. What are you going to choose? the fruit salad or the strawberries.

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